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Thread: unable to update Nook GlowLight

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    unable to update Nook GlowLight

    I am using a Nook Glowlight ebook reader which is running on 1.2 firmware version at the moment. I have recently checked that there is another firmware update available for my ereader with the version 1.3.1 on their official website. Now when I am trying to update my ebook reader with the help of Wifi then the update is not getting pushed at all. I also tried to update the Zip file in the root directory of the Nook but it will not update as well. Can anyone tell me how do I solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: unable to update Nook GlowLight

    It might be possible that you are not installing the right firmware version of the update on your Nook Glowlight. What I mean to say is that either the UK or US version, you need to get the right one depending on what your current version you are having and need to install. If anything is other than the current version installed in your ebook reader then it will not get installed. Can you list out which model of the ereader you are using, which would be helpful for identifying the device.

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    Re: unable to update Nook GlowLight

    First download the firmware update file from this link - After that save it to your desktop. Connect your Nook to the computer and then copy the firmware update file as it is on the main directory of the Nook drive. Dont try to open the file, just safely remove your Nook drive once the file is copied. After that Nook will automatically recognize the file after some times when it goes into sleep mode and it will install the same firmware update.

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    Re: unable to update Nook GlowLight

    The manual installation of the firmware update leads to the same version of 1.2.1. If you want to get the latest firmware version of 1.3.1 then your only chance is to download and install it over Wifi since this version is only available on wifi and not on the website. I did a upgrade of my Nook GlowLight to this new firmware version 1.3.1 recently and found 2 problems thereafter. The screen refresh was somewhat slower than before and my device also stopped detecting sme wifi networks that I was using.

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