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Thread: Is there any benefit updating firmware of Kobo Aura HD

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    Is there any benefit updating firmware of Kobo Aura HD

    I want some suggestions from guys who have done some updates on their Kobo Aura HD? I want to know whether it is important to keep up with the firmware upgrades for the Aura HD? I have purchased this ebook reader for quite sometime and have never upgraded the firmware. It is still working properly and I only use it for basic functions. I have stored all my books on the SD card. Sometimes I do find it a bit sluggish but it seems to go with putting a lot of books, more than 3000. Thanks

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    Re: Is there any benefit updating firmware of Kobo Aura HD

    Can you tell us which firmware version is currently installed on your Kobo Aura HD ebook reader right now? You can get that information by going to Settings and then Device Information. Even I was not updating my ereader because of some issues or incompatibilities the new firmware versions had but it seems that the latest 3.5.0 firmware is very stable and doesnt has any side effects as well. Also, I do not use the stock Kobo reading software but instead I use the Nickel User Interface.

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    Re: Is there any benefit updating firmware of Kobo Aura HD

    Most of the programs that have in your Kobo reader preinstalled news updates to protect themselves unless they are exposed to outside input with you not using the Wifi network,then there shouldnt be a problem. When you update the unexposed programs or devices then the problems can be corrected with the original software. As for your usage, there shouldnt be any issue with the current firmware that you might be using. But to get a better support then you will need to update to the latest version of the firmware.

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    Re: Is there any benefit updating firmware of Kobo Aura HD

    I usually take 3 months or more for updating my ebook reader which is regularly connected to the Kobo Servers. You can use your reader with the wifi connection to sync with Kobo servers, or your ebook reader connected to your computer which should be running the kobo desktop app to sync with kobo servers or else computer connected to kobo's website and sync. Once a firmware update is released then just dont update it same day but wait for one month to read what all problems or features are supplied with it.

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