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Thread: information on Kindle Fire 2014

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    information on Kindle Fire 2014

    I am using the Kindle Fire 2012 version which seems to be dying day by day because of the oldness I guess. Anyways, I am trying to check if there are any new Kindle Fire made in this 2014 year. Does anyone know if Kindle has released any new version of its ebook reader in 2014? If there are nothing then I will presumably go for either the Samsung tablets and the Nexus ones. Is there going to be a Kindle Fire 2014 or not? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: information on Kindle Fire 2014

    Well, till now Amazon has not spoken anything about a new ebook reader if they are going to announce it or not. But, from some place I have read that they have ordered a MediaTek 8135 quad-core processors and information on it might come at the end of this year. Right now, I believe that Amazon is going to focus more on their Amazon Fire smartphone, which they are soon going to release in the market, built with an Amazon User Interface on the homescreen.

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    Re: information on Kindle Fire 2014

    I think that Amazon will make their announcements in the fall. In any case, if you are looking to go with another Fire eReader then I dont know whether you will be able to use both the Google Play market along with the Amazon app store. You should actually try to get something which can handle the Cloud collections. Most of the android app now has the Cloud Collections and the Audible whispersync, so you should definitely not go with the Fire ebook but instead go with the Samsung Tabs.

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    Re: information on Kindle Fire 2014

    I will suggest you to go with the Nexus 2013 edition instead of the Samsung Galaxu Tablets. The Nexus tabler is a good one and comes at a great price as well. The Kindle Fire is very much limited which makes it rather boring. Whenever I get time then I like to read on the Nexus and this was pretty good for that purpose. Comparing it ith Fire, Amazon has announed new Kindle and Fire models which will be soon releasing at the time period of September or October this year.

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