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Thread: How to delete books from Nook Simple Touch

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    How to delete books from Nook Simple Touch

    I have recently purchased a new Nook Simple Touch ebook reader. Since I am new to this ereader I am finding it a little difficult on how to delete books/samples that I usually download from the internet from many website just to check out. All those books are taking too many space in my ebook reader and I dont want to space out due to this issue and so I no longer want them there. I hope that it is not too difficult to delete books from this ereader? Thanks.

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    Re: How to delete books from Nook Simple Touch

    I have found out that you will have to connect your Nook Simple Touch ebook reader to your computer with the USB cable supplied with it and then remove all the books that you want. I have a Sony eReader and that is how I usually delete all the books from my ebook reader. There might be also an option to remove all the books from the Nook GUI but I have not used it so I cannot say where it could be. But try searching and exploring all the options and you will definitely find it.

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    Re: How to delete books from Nook Simple Touch

    All you need to do is, in your Nook Simple Touch you have to go to your library and then put your finger on the book that you want to delete. Just try to simply press on the book with your finger and hold until the menu pops up with different options. After that you just have to choose the option of delete which will permanently delete that book from your eReader. Incase you want to read the book again or lend out in the future then you can select another option called Archive.

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    Re: How to delete books from Nook Simple Touch

    If the above solution doesnt work for you then go to your Barnes and Noble account and then select the library option for your Nook. After that go down and then click on Delete for the books that you do not want to have in your ebook reader. Now, it will not show up in your Nook ebook reader until you turn it off and then turn it on back again. You will also get many options like archive, delete, shelf and many other options instead of going to the website and doing all this things.

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