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Thread: How to get PDF files on Nook ebook reader?

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    How to get PDF files on Nook ebook reader?

    I have a pretty old Nook ebook reader lying with me. I am trying to figure out a way to get PDF files on my Nook ereader. I have checked at many places and cannot find it anywhere. I am able to plug in the ebook reader in my computer but I dont know where should I put the PDF files on the Nook, so that it can be visible? Do I have to copy it in a specific folder which will make it noticeable? If anyone can help me out then it will be appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: How to get PDF files on Nook ebook reader?

    I used to ask this same question from quite some time and found out that we need to put the files in the My Documents folder. You just have to simply copy and paste all the PDF files in the same folder and then it will be visible in the library. Note that the PDF files will not look that great. I dont know why the Nook reader is not able to format the PDFs fine on the screen, this might be due to poor implementation done by Adobe for this ereader. But i think that after a firmware update it will be much improved.

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    Re: How to get PDF files on Nook ebook reader?

    There is no doubt that the above solution works but the best way to do this is by downloading a copy of Calibre. It is a free software but I would suggest you to make some donation for it so that we can get regular update on the bug fixes. If you cant make donation then also it is fine. What this software does is that it will convert all the PDF files in your ebook reader to text files with the ePub format which is supported in the Nook ebook reader. Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: How to get PDF files on Nook ebook reader?

    After you have connected your Nook ereader to the computer, you can see a new volume/drive termed as Nook. Now copy the PDF files and epubs into the My Documents folder. After that unplug the Nook from your computer and then you will have all the access, just click on the library or my documents. Incase you are not able to find the PDFs on your Nook ebook reader then you need to make sure that the Check for new content checkbox is selected in My Documents screen.

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