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Thread: Kobo Aura HD freezes after firmware update

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    Kobo Aura HD freezes after firmware update

    I am using a Kobo Aura HD ebook reader and today I was trying to update its firmware. So, I connected it to my computer and when I was trying to do a firmware update via the Kobo desktop, it freezed my ebook reader. I am now not even able to do a factory reset now. When I am trying to push the power switch then I get short blink of the LED but nothing happens after that? Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: Kobo Aura HD freezes after firmware update

    I had seen similar problem with my friends ebook reader where the update was downloaded and it got stuck at the 100% downloaded line. So, what I did was, I restarted his ereader and then connected it to a computer. I was able to see a Kobo file in zip format in the .kobo directory. So, I copied the same file to the pc and then extracted it with winzip software to the same .kobo directory and again did a reset. This time the ebook reader updated properly and there was no freezing problem at all.

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    Re: Kobo Aura HD freezes after firmware update

    If the above solution doesnt work then try to kill its process in task manager and then disconnect your Kobo Aura HD. After 10 minutes or so, check if it starts with any of the firmware version. When it does, then connect your ebook reader in your pc again and then try to load some books onto it with Calibre. Now unplug it again and for 15 minutes or so and then it will come up again with a firmware version with no books. Now connect your ereader one more time and disconnect it again and check if its working properly or not.

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    Re: Kobo Aura HD freezes after firmware update

    If none of the above solution is working for you then you can try to do a reset using a paperclip. Just try to insert it into the tiny hole on the right side at the bottom side of the Aura and see if that works on your Kobo reader. Once your ebook reader starts then try to connect it to Wifi and then try to update its firmware on Wifi instead of the desktop update. I also have a doubt whether you have installed the latest version of the Kobo Desktop software or not, which was updated recently.

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