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Thread: Nook HD+ screen is not very responsive

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    Nook HD+ screen is not very responsive

    Is there anyone else who is having issues with the responsiveness of their Nook HD+ which seems to be laggy? I am also having Nook HD ereader and I am noticing major difference how quickly everything opens on the HD compared to the Nook HD+. Also, the buttons for screen off and volume on for the Nook HD+ are not as quick as it supposed to be. I hope that I didnt get a defective ebook reader that needs to be replaced in the warranty period.

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    Re: Nook HD+ screen is not very responsive

    Even I am facing the same issue but it only happens after using Chrome browser and if I am playing Sudoku. It seems that the Nook HD+ ebook reader stops accepting touch input and it will only start accepting the touch input after I restart it. At the time this thing happens and if I am trying to go back to reading then it will lose all the track of my location in the book. I am thinking that this issue started after Barnes & Noble moved to google chrome browser.

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    Re: Nook HD+ screen is not very responsive

    I can only recommend that unless you root, the only solution for you is to restart your ebook reader. Incase you dont want to do a permanent root then I will suggest you to use the N2A SD Card. With this card you can run the highly respected Cyanogenmod 10 mod of Jellybean 2.1 and it will still leave the stock Nook OS perfectly incase you want to go back to it. After this mode, many of the software will have some issues and this can be corrected with root type software like the ROM toolbox that you can get on Google Play.

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    Re: Nook HD+ screen is not very responsive

    The low responsiveness problem also happens with my Nook HD+ ebook reader but I dont think that it is caused by the chrome browser. To correct this problem I just simply turn the screen off for 5-10 seconds and then turn it back on and there is no more reponsiveness issue. Most of the time when you change the orientation then it will also solve the problem. But this problem is really annoying at the time when you are playing one of the timed games or such.

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