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Thread: How can I convert a eBook to pdf file

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    How can I convert a eBook to pdf file

    How can I read a ebook file on pc. I only have Acrobat Reader. And I had tried opening my ebooks in it, but it is not working. I want some help to convert them all to pdf. So that I can add them in my tablet also and through a pdf reader, read all of them easily. I hope the conversion does not affect the quality of ebooks. The text and image would remain readable after conversion.

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    Re: How can I convert a eBook to pdf file

    There no need to convert. You can just download a ebook reader from web and install that in your system. There are many free tools available that can help you to fix the issue. There are addons available for web browsers like Firefox on which you can add the addon. And read the files directly in the web browser.

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    Re: How can I convert a eBook to pdf file

    You can easily find a convertor from web. Just search for kindle convertor or ebook convertor. A good tool will provide you option to convert various ebooks format to an pdf file. That is the easiest way. It is right that once this file are converted to pdf files it is more easy to read them. You can use them online or you can simply open those files in your web browser.

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