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Thread: Nook HD+ cable issue

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    Nook HD+ cable issue

    I recently purchased a new Nook HD+ ebook reader and I am quite enjoying it. The only problem that I am having is with its cables. The cable will not fit into the Nook easily and moves around everywhere and due to which the Nook HD+ will stop charging. When I keep it on the table then it will charge fine but when I use it while its charging then it stops. I would like to know if this same thing happens with everyone and so when can I get a second cable as a spare.

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    Re: Nook HD+ cable issue

    You can already buy the Universal Power Kit In Asphalt from website only. It is a replacement for the AC adapter and cable on your Nook HD+ or if you would like to have an extra set then it is the perfect choice. The AC wall adapter comes with retractable prongs for convenience usage and the cable given with it also syncs the Nook to the computer. It will cost you only 5 pounds.

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    Re: Nook HD+ cable issue

    I have been using Nook HD+ ebook reader for a year now and its not that snug as well. When I am using it while its connected to the charger then all I need to do is bump it and one side will pull out that stops it from charging. And if you want to buy a cable for yor ereader then go with High-Speed Charging Micro USB Cable that can charge your ebook reader 3 times faster than the original cable that you have.

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    Re: Nook HD+ cable issue

    You can also buy a portable twin USB socketed battery charger from Zagg called the SPARQ2.0 will easily charge the Nook HD+ ebook reader from its second port but not from the first port. It also charges the HD+ at full speed. This charger has a pair of mains socket prongs that fold out to charge the battery pack itself. You can buy it on amazon website easily.

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