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Thread: Kindle ebook reader supports hindi text?

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    Kindle ebook reader supports hindi text?

    Is there anyone who can tell me whether the basic model of Kindle ebook reader will support Hindi text fine? I am looking to buy an ereader that not only supports English but Hindi Text also. If the Kindle eReader does not support Hindi text then could you please suggest me an alternative ebook reader that has support for hindi language? Thank you

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    Re: Kindle ebook reader supports hindi text?

    It seems that there are some books available in Hindi. You can simply search on google for Kindle books in Hindi and you will get tons of results. Or else you can search for ebooks in Hindi to get many books as well. There are many formats that can be displayed on the kindle ebook reader and hopefully Hindi will be supported by this ereader without any problems.

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    Re: Kindle ebook reader supports hindi text?

    I think that Kindle reader fonts support Hindi because of the Devanagari script which is rendered properly. However the font might be not good in display. There are many languages that use the Devanagari script like for example - Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, etc. So you can expect thisteh support for all this languages also on your Kindle ebook reader.

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    Re: Kindle ebook reader supports hindi text?

    When I did a search for Hindi ebooks on the amazon website I got tons of results, you can check it out for yourself here - So there is no doubt that Kindle supports Hindi text. There are also many Hindi ebook PDF available on the net that you can test by opening in the Kindle's inbuilt pdf reader easily.

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