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Thread: using Calibre in Sony ebook reader?

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    using Calibre in Sony ebook reader?

    I recently heard about Calibre from a discussion on a website and it seems to be quite interesting. I found some details about it that says it is used to replace the Sony Reader software on our computer. The only problem that I am facing with Sony Reader software is that there is not a good cloud solution leaving the Evernote functionality. So can anyone tell me if Calibre will be good compared to Sony Reader software? Thanks

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    Re: using Calibre in Sony ebook reader?

    With Calibre you can convert any ebook type to any different format, edit metadata, list the books on your ereader and transfer back and forth, etc. You can do a lot of stuffs but note that it will not integrate with Sony bookstore and it doesnt has cloud storage. But there are possibilities to choose Dropbox and any other services if you would like.

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    Re: using Calibre in Sony ebook reader?

    You can also use Calibre and calibre2opds both yo make your own cloud of ebooks and then you can download it from the internet browser. But this will not be the same like managing the cloud which your ebook store links to your reader. But it is capable to do anything that you want like the Sony Reader Software.

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    Re: using Calibre in Sony ebook reader?

    You will just not be able to connect to the Sony's servers with Calibre where all the books are stored that you have purchased. Other than that calibre is way to good compared to sony software. You can choose Dropbox for cloud storage and also to load books, it is very quick and simple and you can do that via the devices browser, thus avoiding the rooting.

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