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Thread: Kobo Glo Firmware 2.10.0

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    Kobo Glo Firmware 2.10.0

    Well, I am using a Kobo Glo reader and I have recently heard that a new Firmware version 2.10.0 is released for it. Many users have upgraded to this version but when I am trying to sync now then I am not seeing any update on my ebook reader. I think that it is not yet released in my region so is there any other way to upgrade to this firmware? Thanks

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    Re: Kobo Glo Firmware 2.10.0

    Are you trying to upgrade via the Wifi Internet connection or using the Kobo Desktop software. I think that it would be good if you can use the Kobo Desktop software because it will be able to get the firmware directly from the server, which wont be region locked, and thus you will be able to upgrade to the new firmware on your eReader.

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    Re: Kobo Glo Firmware 2.10.0

    You can try to download the Kobo Desktop program to update your ebook reader by downloading it from the website. After doing the installation, open Kobo Desktop on your pc and then connect your eReader to your computer using the usb cable. Now tap connect on your eReader and then when it gets detected by Kobo Desktop then click Sync icon in the same program to upgrade it.

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    Re: Kobo Glo Firmware 2.10.0

    I noticed that after upgrading to this new firmware, it brought the Back button again to the below toolbar. Actually, there are a lot of changes done in this update. I havent explored more but soon be listing all the changes made in this eReader by the firmware. I dont know whether this update will work with Touch or Aura HD version, but anyone can give it a try.

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