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Thread: defective screen of Nook Glowlight

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    defective screen of Nook Glowlight

    I am looking to buy a new NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight eReader. But after reading many user reviews I came to know that after sometime the screen starts to faults and cracks even though the screen is handled carefully. So, I was having only this doubt whether this is true that the Nook GlowLight eReader screen cracks on its own after sometime or not? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: defective screen of Nook Glowlight

    Well, I am using my Nook Glowlight without any issues for about 6 months now. I havent seen any problem with the screen and also with any touch till yet. I think that if anyone who wants to be on a safety first method for the eReader then they should get a decent case or cover for the protection of the screen. You can get flex screens that might help prevent stress cracks or such.

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    Re: defective screen of Nook Glowlight

    Even I was facing similar issues. I was using my Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight for some weeks now without any problems. But after some time when I turned on the glowlight then 4 very small spots appeared on the screen. I noticed that the spots were not made by any scratch but were similar on then surface of the screen. So, I went to the Barnes and Noble store and returned it. Now I am waiting to see if that is a common problem or some major problem.

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    Re: defective screen of Nook Glowlight

    Well, if you are close to the Barnes & Noble stores then you can just take your defective Nook eReader and exchange it for a new one. But note that they will be requiring all the things like for example the receipt, original box of the eReader and its accessories supplied with it as well. Either they will give you a refurb one or a new eReader directly with its original box.

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