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Thread: Sony eReader PRS-T1 freezes

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    Sony eReader PRS-T1 freezes

    I have got a Sony PRS-T1 eReader with me and I have got some problems with the dictionry while reading ebooks. When I am looking to find some words in the dictionary and after I have found it and then long press on them, then it will highlight and I get buttons for wikipedia and google as well, but there is a small window below that will now show ip and then the reader will freeze and wont respond? It will sometime show but after 2-3 minutes or so but other time it will completely stuck and I have to reset the device to get it to work? Can anyone please tell me how to solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: Sony eReader PRS-T1 freezes

    Even I had a similar problem with my Sony PRS-T1 eReader. In my case, when I was going into the dictionary app directly then the eReader used to freeze when I tried to change the dictionaries. Note that I had rooted the device so I thought that might be the problem. But even after un-rooting, it was doing the same thing, so I took it to the store from where I purchased it and replaced it with a new one. It sure seems to be defective.

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    Re: Sony eReader PRS-T1 freezes

    The problem of freezing that you are facing by opening the dictionary could be occuring because of the corrupted packages.xml file. So, what you need to do is, you will have to recreate this file. But remember that the same method is very advanced. Just search for some article of "Rebuild packages.xml - fix permission errors" on google and you will get a step by step guide on how to do that.

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    Re: Sony eReader PRS-T1 freezes

    Even I was facing the same issue where the Sony eReader PRS-T1 was not responding for more than a minute after word selection and some other display problems as well. After that I added another microSD card in the eReader and moved al the books to it but still had the same problem. But after reformatting the eReaders internal memory, the problem seems to be gone. So you could also try to follow this method and see if it solves your issue.

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