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Thread: Kobo Mini eReader Impressions, is it worthit

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    Kobo Mini eReader Impressions, is it worthit

    I have used many ebook readers and I was thinking about going for the Kobo Mini eReader. Can anyone, who had used this Kobo Mini for quite sometime, give me some impressions about it? How fast/slow is it and what kind of fonts does it come with? How good is the touch screen response? Is it really worth it to get this 5inch screen eReader? Thanks.

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    Re: Kobo Mini eReader Impressions, is it worthit

    The Kobo Mini is part of the range of reading lights and it is very affordable and allows you to read your eBooks in a very practical way, in transport or in your home. It features traditional variety like Wi-Fi, 5-inch display with electronic ink technology and enough storage capacity to almost get 1,000 full books stored in it. Its ergonomics is very solid with a nice texture and easy grip. With a weight of just 134 grams, which is lower than a book, you can take it everywhere. On the screen, it is also very enjoyable. Its definition is relatively small - 800 x 600 pixels - but is more than sufficient.

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    Re: Kobo Mini eReader Impressions, is it worthit

    Kobo Mini supports most of the formats that are currently used now a days, ranging from PDF to TXT via the EPUB3, BMP, HTML, RTF, CBZ and CBR. And it is not limited for electronic books unlike other e-readers sold by competitors. This is also one of the main distinguishing features of the Kobo Mini. You can read most of the picture in it and also some game files are integrated into the same device. A special tool, called Reading Life, is also integrated and it allows you to get accurate statistics on the time that you spend on reading.

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    Re: Kobo Mini eReader Impressions, is it worthit

    Even I purchased a Kobo Mini just few days ago and I am loving it. The fonts on this ereader is very nice and can be easily seen on the 5" screen display without any problems at all. You can read different formats like mobi, kepubs, epubs on this ebook reader, but personally I wont suggest it for PDF files. Due to its small size you can easily fit it in your pocket as well. The screen is perfect size and not too small for reading.

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