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Thread: When is Front-Lid Kindle coming out

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    When is Front-Lid Kindle coming out

    I have heard many things about Kindle in terms of ebook. Many people said that it is the best ebook reader hence i decided to buy one for my kid. AFter searching for the same i found in few websites that say Amazon is about to release a new Kindle with Front lit. Here, i would like to know few things about the same such as is it worth to get this upcoming kindle ? When is this Front-Lid Kindle getting released in the market ? And is there any new or special feature that haven't been seen in earlier kindles ? It will be very helpful if anyone can guide me on the same ?

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    Re: When is Front-Lid Kindle coming out

    I heard that rumor too that kindle is going to have a new release in coming months. I remember last month the nook has released Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight and that will be available in the market on the price of 140 $ , it has the new feature of e-book readers with an integrated reading light which was not in the traditional e-ink readers. The purpose was to make it easy on the eyes in bright and sun lights. The fact that nook has integrated GlowLight helps for the reader to read in the bright light and the same thing is what Amazon is looking on the new line of Kindles. Amazon has scheduled to release it next month, i.e July 2012.

    And yes, there is something new with this new kindle. As its name suggest "Front Lit", until now we need to have an additional lighting for reading the Kindle in the dark setting, but with the new front-lit Kindle we don’t need to do this anymore.

    Other than this, it is suppose to have the display of 8.9 inches to compete with the Apple’s iPad , there will be two version of the in touch 3G and touch Wi-Fi versions for the new front-lit Kindle. Also there is not much difference as per the price.

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    Re: When is Front-Lid Kindle coming out

    The new Amazon Kindle with Front Lit will be launched in the few coming weeks and will be having very identical features that were missing in the precious editions. It has the new monochrome e-reader,backlight, background light option, etc. In addition, users will also get feature like e-ink. This would be worth buying because of the reasonable rates with such new features. As the baove user said, the most probable competitor for this would be the Nook that you can buy if you dont want to wait till July.

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    Re: When is Front-Lid Kindle coming out

    The E Ink feature is really great but that has the issue with reading in the dark that is reason the Amazon is bringing the new Kindle with front lighting. It will be available in the form of the Kindle Touch 3G as well as the Kindle Touch Wi-Fi versions. This product is actually said to compete with the lit e-reader category of the Barnes & Noble Nook which has the great illumination Simple Touch with GlowLight and that what makes the screen perfectly readable in pitch-black room and also helps in environments where there is no light. But there could be drawback as well because the lights will also drain the battery. But you also have the options to turn them off at any point. Opting for GlowLight will add $40 to your Nook, putting the final price at $139. But it looks like the new Kindle will have the same increase in price but that is not confirmed.

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