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Thread: Help With Flash Graphic?

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    Help With Flash Graphic?


    I am using Macromedia Flash Professional 8

    To design my flash header.

    On my header I have made flash buttons like "home, about us..ect"

    How do i add in the hyperlink?


    (Please advise me if i posted in wrong section, I just want support on flash graphics)

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    It's kinda long to explain, but here goes:

    In this tutorial it will be explained how to make a simple Adobe Flash 8 button.

    Create a new Flash 8 document with 400x300 dimensions and Frame rate 12 fps.

    Draw a rectangle using the Rectangle Tool. Select both Stroke and Fill for the rectangle and set the following in the Properties Inspector: width: 175, height: 60; Stroke Color: #000000; Fill Color: #0066ff.

    While the rectangle is still selected choose Modify>>Convert to Symbol or press F8. In the Convert to Symbol window set Button for Type and put the name MyButton. Great! This is your first Flash 8 button.

    For editing your Flash 8 button you simply double click it.

    Each Flash 8 button has four states, as it follows:

    1. Up – is when the mouse is outside the button;
    2. Over – the mouse roll over the button but it is not clicked;
    3. Down – the button is clicked;
    4. Hit – represents the area of the button where the mouse can hit.

    The button works only when you click in the specified area. This area is invisible for the user, only the programmer can see it.

    Let’s customize our Flash 8 button now!
    Press three times F6 to introduce keyframes for all four states.
    Go to the second frame Over, select the rectangle found there and change Fill Color to #00ff00 in the Properties Inspector. In the third frame Down change Fill Color of the rectangle to #ffcccc.
    Test the movie CTRL+Enter and see the result. You observe that when you are over the Flash 8 button your mouse pointer is a hand. Also when you click the Flash 8 button its color is changed to pink.
    Now go to the last frame Hit, select both Stroke and Fill for the rectangle and modify width to 75.
    Test the movie (CTRL+Enter) again. Move the mouse over the Flash 8 button and observe that when you are over the left part of the button this act like before, but when you are over the right part of the button this doesn’t react ay kind.

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    you have to create a button and on hit action you can to point to your link
    - the better way to do it is convert your graphics in to a movie clip add an instance name and you add action script.
    name.onPress = function()

    Get URL ("", window="_blank")


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    Actually the Complete Script is this.

    on (release) {

    or if its a frame you want the button to navigate to.


    Where 1 is the Frame number. And if you want to go to the Next Scene, it would be.

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