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Thread: day and night changing wallpaper for windows 7

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    day and night changing wallpaper for windows 7

    I am running Windowss 7 64bit on my computer and I was searching for a wallpaper that changes according to the time, like it should be different for day and night. Something like a wallpaper that in the day it should show Sun and change in the night showing moon and so on. If there any wallpaper showing the solar system like it is currently then it will also do. Note that I am not asking for any Screensavers or such but wallpapers or themes that could be applied. Thanks

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    Re: day and night changing wallpaper for windows 7

    What I could possibly suggest you to do is get two wallpapers by searching on google, one of day and the other one of night and have them change every 12 hours in your computer. You just need to choose the time in Personalize > Desktop Background and then change the time. Note that you will require to put both the wallpapers in a folder and then browse to it in Personalize > Desktop Background.

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    Re: day and night changing wallpaper for windows 7

    Microsoft has integrated DreamScene utility that allows users to use a video as wallpaper. Unfortunately this utility is missing from Windows 7 and it is not possible by default to play a video in the background, unless you go through VLC which is a pretty cumbersome solution in terms of resources. With the free utility of DreamScene Activator for Windows 7, you'll be able to fill this gap and add DreamScene in Windows 7 that allows you to use a video in MPG or WMV format in place of your screen.

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    Re: day and night changing wallpaper for windows 7

    You can check out The Natural Desktop from this link -

    Its description indicates what you are looking for - " Imagine a desktop where the backgrounds were based on the time of day and time of year. Imagine being able to listen to natural sounds such as birds singing, crickets chirping, or rain falling. Imagine having a mini-display on the desktop that showed animated day and night cycles, clouds, lightning, and more! That is what the Natural Desktop is. It doesn't interfere with your work or your other desktop enhancements."

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