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Thread: Dock for Windows 7 for easy folder access

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    Dock for Windows 7 for easy folder access

    I had added around 15 folder sin Windows Taskbar. And when I click on them it takes a bit long time to open up. It is also very slow and does not work so well. I want some help here to use a third party dock that can help me to add all the folders shortcut in that and with a single click I can access the same. I do not want to add anything that can slow down the system. I am only having 1GB ram in the system. I had turned off all the themes also for better performance. I do not want to keep them on the desktop. I just want to add them in the Task bar or somewhere through a dock.

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    Re: Dock for Windows 7 for easy folder access

    If you need some kind of flashy effect with a bit of animation then you can try using Rocket Dock. This is a easy to use dock and it is also very old. You can drag all the folders in the dock and you can launch them as you need. There is no need to navigate into folders and wait for windows explorer to open up the files. It is fast and easy. You have to drag the folder in the dock to create a shortcut. You can place it on the site or at the bottom and use it. You can also turn on auto-hide so that it won't disturb you much when you are working. So just download and test it.

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    Re: Dock for Windows 7 for easy folder access

    I think the most lightweight dock for you will be SE-Tray Menu. This application is simple to use. Because it is going to add a icon on the system tray. And when you click on that you can see the different folders and documents on the same. This is also a drag and drop. You can just drag files in the that. It is easy to use and very effective. And it is lighter compare to the above one. You have to enable always show settings for that. And it will remain visible in the system tray as a tiny icon. By clicking on that you can turn it on and you can access the files you want.

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