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Thread: Anyone using Windows 10 Transformation pack

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    Anyone using Windows 10 Transformation pack

    I want to make my pc look like Windows 10. And for that I have to download and use Windows 10 Transformation pack. I want to know that is there anyone who is simply using the same. I had used Windows 8 Transformation pack before but it slowed down my entire pc. Compare to that Windows 10 Transformation pack is more effective I think. Before installing the same I want to test whether it will be working fine or not. I hope this lot more optimized for better performance.

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    Re: Anyone using Windows 10 Transformation pack

    I do not really recommend in using Transformation pack. The free edition comes with lot of appreciation and settings which you will be never using. It will slow down your system a lot. It is better to install the original Windows 10 on a secondary partition. Like making a dual boot pc. So that you can test both the OS and finalize which one you want to use. Transformation pack will just load the wallpapers and few icons and text. That's it. Some free applications are having malware in them. So choose quiet wisely before downloading anything.

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    Re: Anyone using Windows 10 Transformation pack

    You can try testing Windows 10 Transformation Pack 2.0. This one is loaded with many features which are worth to test. I had installed this in my laptop but as I am having only 1GB ram so it is a bit slow and does not work well. It gives you some Windows 10 features also. Like you can have a Cortana type search box on the task bar. You can get a lot of Windows 10 Wallpapers on the same. And you will also get a new theme engine here. Which is a bit easy to customize. If you are having 2GB or higher ram then it is worth trying. There are lot of things you can do in this.

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