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Thread: using logo screen of Windows 7 on Windows 8.1

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    using logo screen of Windows 7 on Windows 8.1

    I am running the latest update of Windows 8.1 on my computer from quite some time. Although the Windows 8 login screen is not that worse by far but still I want to revert back to Windows 7 login screen which was very simple in looks. I have searched for how to do this but cannot find anything on the internet. I am just looking to get the lock screen and password screen to be replaced by Windows 7 screen? Is there anyone who can tell me if it is doable? Thank you in advance

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    Re: using logo screen of Windows 7 on Windows 8.1

    Well, I guess that if you want to do something like that then you will have to get a program that can modify the system files and it is also very risky and I would not recommend you to do that. There is a high risk of doing this considering only the changes in the cosmetics. I have seen some programs in the market but have never used such program and also dont have any interest on doing that.

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    Re: using logo screen of Windows 7 on Windows 8.1

    There is a tool called 8oot Logo Changer that works with bitmap files, requiring six versions of a logo to be used in the boot of your Windows 8.1 operating system. To do this, you must install the application on your computer and choose which new image you want to set. The program will use the necessary files in the operating system of initial loading, changing everything and leaving boot the way you want.

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    Re: using logo screen of Windows 7 on Windows 8.1

    You can try to download another program called Lock Screen Customizer by WinAero by searching it on google and saving it on your desktop. Now if you want to change the default lock screen background image then click on Change background image link which is under Default Lock Screen Appearance and choose the jpg image that you want to use and then click on Open. After that just close the program and restart to take effect.

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