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Thread: Third party sidebar for Windows 7

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    Third party sidebar for Windows 7

    I am looking for a nice side bar software. The current one that is Windows 7 is not so effective and it is quiet dull also. I need something that is lot more featured and has more option to hook things. Like adding a few web pages, or adding different application shortcuts on the same. I want some help here to find out a good sidebar software through which I can add many things and simply get what I am looking for. Like adding shortcuts of web pages and other stuff. Something like widgets that we have on android screen.

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    Re: Third party sidebar for Windows 7

    Well for widgets there are very few things you can really find for Windows 7. Windows 7 is having a side bar which gives you tiny application that you can hook on your desktop. Like a watch or some kind of media player. Microsoft does not do much for decorating the screen. And for side bar also there is nothing much found. There are theming stuff available but there is nothing much about the widgets. For widgets you have to use software like winamp that comes with a desktop based icon.

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    Re: Third party sidebar for Windows 7

    There is one thing you can try out and it is also light and easy to use. I am talking about Rainmeter. It is a very light weight addon that you can use on your system and you can simply get a few good widgets on the same. Like you can try out adding a media player widget on the same. Then you can also add temperature monitoring tool or you can simply add a folder shortcut on the same. That will be really fast and easy to use. And it also does not put much pressure on system ram.

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