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Thread: screen too wide on windows 7

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    screen too wide on windows 7

    I am running Windows 7 on my computer and recently all of a sudden the screen on my monitor looks too much bloated. I can see the scroll bar and then taskbar which are too large and nothinf adjusts properly on the screen. It will simply hang out over to the right side just slightly. I am able to use it but still its annoying and looks very awful. I have set the resolution to the maximum as it can go and the icons are very small. Can anyone tell me how do I solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: screen too wide on windows 7

    First of all can you please tell us what is your full computer specifications? Also, is it a desktop or a laptop and what is the current resolution of the screen you are using? Can you also find out what kind of video hardware or driver you are using? Usually, if you have recently installed any theme or somethine else than it could have altered the screen resolution and for solving it you will either have to remove that program or else uninstall and reinstall the graphics driver again in your computer.

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    Re: screen too wide on windows 7

    I would first of all suggest you to try to adjust the monitor that you are using from its controls. There are many monitors that come with an auto-fit feature which will be able to center the desktop image and also make it fill the screen without cutting off the edges. You can also try to compare the native resolution of your monitor with the screen resolution settings and try to set it accordingly for how much your monitor supports.

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    Re: screen too wide on windows 7

    First of all right click on desktop and then find Resolution or Video Manage control panel. After that click on one or the other and reset your resolution to default. If that doesnt work then try to enter the monitor's physical setting On Screen Diags. For this you can refer to the monitor manual as well. After getting the OSD to open, search for the auto-setting button and press it. This way the monitor will try to auto-adjust to the best default screen of the monitor.

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