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Thread: Bubbles screensaver problem on Windows 8.1

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    Bubbles screensaver problem on Windows 8.1

    I am running Windows 8.1 on my computer and I am facing an issue with the screensaver on my system. After I set it to Bubbles, even though it works in the preview very well and appears as it should, but on my computer screen I cannot see the bubbles and they seem to be transparent. But later sometime when it activates then the screen will go pink and then bubbles start to appear which is kind of very irritating. So, can anyone tell me how do I solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Bubbles screensaver problem on Windows 8.1

    It looks to me that it might be some type of security feature so that no one can read on your screen while your screensaver is active. So, as soon as the Screensaver activates then the first thing that occurs is you are basically switched away from your desktop, similarly like it happens when the User Account Control Box shows up to login in the admin menu. Hope this information helps you out.

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    Re: Bubbles screensaver problem on Windows 8.1

    Even I agree that there is no problem with your screensaver settings or your video drivers and system. If I can recollect then recently I read that a design change was made in Windows 8 which prevents screensavers from drawing over an image of the desktop. If there was any screensaver which previously drew over the desktop, like the Bubbles, then it will actually draw over a black background.

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    Re: Bubbles screensaver problem on Windows 8.1

    It seems to me that there is no accident with the way it is showing to you, ir normally was designed to work that way only. There are many other features which are absolutely not left to the user to decide, so basically in Windows 8 you are forced to instll any type of third party applications to get around all the possible restrictions imposed by Microsoft on this operating system or on the hardware itself.

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