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Thread: Windows 10 transformation pack for Windows 7

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    Windows 10 transformation pack for Windows 7

    I am looking for a Windows 10 transformation pack for my old Windows 7 pc. I really like the UI of Windows 7 which looks a bit nice. It has square shape icon and it is also very light weight. I had seen that Windows 10 is not completely stable. It is having some crashing issue. So here I am looking for some option through which I can just add Windows 10 look on Windows 7. Are there any themes or any kind of UI stuff for the same.

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    Re: Windows 10 transformation pack for Windows 7

    There is on pack available. You can try downloading Windows 10 Transformation Pack 1.0. It is free on web. But it is essential that you must scan your system for antivirus after installing the same. Most of this free tools can come with adware. I had not tested this, but I had seen the screenshot where it looks to be working well. You can just try out the same first and see if this not working well then you can remove the same and try some other things.

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    Re: Windows 10 transformation pack for Windows 7

    I do not really trust this transformation packs. They affect the system performance and cause major issue with the output. It is good to stick with the actual theme. If you want you can upgrade Windows 10 on your system and you can dual boot your pc. Through which you can test both of them side by side without having much problem. I am quiet sure this will really help. You can remove if it fails to work properly and your current system also remain safe.

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