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Thread: Microsoft Office and Excel issue with theme

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    Microsoft Office and Excel issue with theme

    I am running Windows 7 on my computer along with the All transparent vs for win7 glass themes. The problem with this theme is that it is affecting Microsoft Office and Excel on my pc turning the background to black color. Also, some other applications that are white will also turn black. I want to use this theme which seems pretty good but would also like to know a way on how to solve this issue? Is there a way to edit the theme or not apply it on certain applications? Thanks

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    Re: Microsoft Office and Excel issue with theme

    I think that you can try to right click on any blank space on desktop and then go to Personalize > Window Color at bottom > Advanced appearance settings > Item dropdown box > Window and then check what the Item color is. You can also try to look at the Application background as well and change the color there accordingly. But by doing this I think that all the other black Windows wil turn to white as well. I dont know any other method as of now.

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    Re: Microsoft Office and Excel issue with theme

    The best thing you can do is to change the page color in Word to a light color and then change it back when it is done by you. I am sure that it will print ok and not be in black color. Even I was having a black Windows theme and had the same problem but after sometime you usually get used to it. Sometimes you can even try to highligh something just to read it or else the other things you can do is to use word on other laptop with no dark themes at all.

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    Re: Microsoft Office and Excel issue with theme

    You normally use the AeroLite.msstyles as VisualStyles in a HiContrast mode to simulate the Classic Themes look. You simply do not have to modify the registry, just modify the theme by editing the theme file's by going ino Control Panel\Colors entries. You will see that the theme file will be in a *.theme extension. Once you have saved the theme for sharing then Windows 7 *.themepack can be easily extacted into the containing wallpapers and the *.theme file itself.

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