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Thread: download Windows 8.1 bubbles screensaver

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    download Windows 8.1 bubbles screensaver

    I was searching for a Bubbles screensaver for Windows 8.1. I was able to find for Windows 7 but it doesnt work with new operating system. So can anyone tell me from where should I download the bubbles screensaver for Windows 8 that works similarly like in Windows 7? Or else if anyone know about a way how to make that, it will be also awesome. Thanks for any information in details.

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    Re: download Windows 8.1 bubbles screensaver

    After searching a lot I have found out that a design change was made in Windows 8 that will prevent all screensavers from drawing over a picture of the desktop. What ever screensaver that may previously drew over the desktop like the Bubbles, then it will rather draw over a black background instead. There are no settings for the screensaver either and also note that it is not a graphics driver or your system's problem.

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    Re: download Windows 8.1 bubbles screensaver

    I am also facing similar problem. After updating to Windows 8, when I go into the Screensaver settings and preview the bubbles screensaver then it shows me that the bubbles are moving over the top of my existing desktop. But after updating the same screensaver in Windows 8, the bubbles will only appear over a background color that I have chosen. But in Windows 7 it used to create bubbles which moved over the top of whatever was on my monitor display at that time.

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    Re: download Windows 8.1 bubbles screensaver

    There is a tool called Decor8, that you can download by searching on the net and install in your pc. With the help of Decor8 you can set any image as the startup screen. The program has a small library of images that can be used as background, however it does not offer the possibility of our favorite pictures as background. What really distinguishes Decor8 from other programs of this type, is the ability to customize the selected image. Using four sliders, you can set options like cast (fade), Blur, Color (apply color to a uniform effect) and contrast. This allows you to match the selected color, even when the image has a lot of color and fonts that would not normally be considered suitable for wallpaper.

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