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Thread: Does animated wallpaper slow down pc

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    Does animated wallpaper slow down pc

    I have a Windows 8 pc which has a Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB ram. The storage is 500GB. I am using a Gigabyte board here and there is no gpu in the system. I want to know that does using a animated wallpaper will slow down my pc. I want to use on. The regular one are dull and does not add good looks on the screen. I have a widescreen monitor. I want to add the wallpaper but before that I want to know it wont slow down my system.

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    Re: Does animated wallpaper slow down pc

    Animated wallpaper can slow down your system. Because they keep on consuming a specific amount of rma. The best thing you can do is use rain-meter. You can customize your system with that. Rain-meter gives you a log of thing to make your desktop look more amazing. You can add different clock widgets, you can change wallpaper, etc. It is very light and easy to use. But it does not has animated wallpaper option in it.

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    Re: Does animated wallpaper slow down pc

    I am using Dreamscene. I have a Windows 7 64bit pc with Core i3 and 4GB ram. There is a 1GB gpu also. Dreamscene adds nice animated wallpaper and the effects here are amazing. I am nto having any issue with the performance. I am doubtful about yours. You have 2GB ram which looks more than enough to me. You can try and test by installing the same and if it slow down then you can try using some other tool.

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