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Thread: Need a lock-screen lock software for Windows 7

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    Need a lock-screen lock software for Windows 7

    I am looking for a nice screen lock software for Windows 7. I am not able to find any good tool on the web. I am quiet bored with the regular Windows Key + L. It is very basic and outdated. I want a nice tool through which I can customize the lock screen and add more effects. I can change the wallpaper through windows logon background changer but I need more better tool. Can I add live wallpaper on the lock screen.

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    Re: Need a lock-screen lock software for Windows 7

    There is only one software I knew which can give you a option to play with windows lock screen. It is called as WinLockPro. This tool is simple to use and it gives you simple way to lock and also you can customize that as per your need. The software is free and easy to use. Through this you can have windows 8 type lock screen on your desktop. Just download and test it out. It is quiet easy to use.

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    Re: Need a lock-screen lock software for Windows 7

    Matrix Screen Locker will bring more effects if you want to make your lock screen look more impressive. It is a tiny app which features matrix type theme. You can lock your screen and you get a tiny box to unblock. You have to type the password which are showed in the form of star. I will advice you to test this one. I am using this on my pc from long time. It completely modify the existing lock screen of windows.

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