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Thread: How to remove Tooltips in Windows 7

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    How to remove Tooltips in Windows 7

    Is there anyone who can tell me how to get rid of the the annoying tooltips in Windows 7 if we mouse hover any applications or anything? Or else if it can be delayed then its even better. I find this feature really annoying and of no use. I hope that there is a trick to do this in Windows 7 unlike the old operating system that didnt had. Thanks

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    Re: How to remove Tooltips in Windows 7

    Tooltips are nothing but balloon tips that can be disabled by a Registry Tweak in Windows 7, all you need to do is download the registry file from the below attachment and save it to your desktop. After that unzip the same file with the help of winrar software and then double click on the file to disable the ballon-tip completely from Windows 7. Hope this helps
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    Re: How to remove Tooltips in Windows 7

    Thanks for the registry file, now all the balloon tips are getting disabled in my pc. But I was wondering what if I want to disable all the hovering tips for the Antivirus virus that are giving me information of what version of Virus signature that I have. Although using the registry hacks work for some applications but there are some third party applications for which I can still see informations displayed.

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    Re: How to remove Tooltips in Windows 7

    I know only one way to disable tooltips from Windows 7 and to do this you need to click on Start > Control Panel and then click on Classic View. After that click on Folder options and then View Tab. Now scroll down to below and uncheck the "Show popup description for folder and desktop items." Just click apply and ok and then you will completely disable tooltips for folder and desktop items as well.

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