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Thread: hide custom gadgets in Windows 7

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    hide custom gadgets in Windows 7

    I am running Windows 7 and there is a desktop calendar at the top right corner of my monito screen. What I would like to do is, hide it and then if I move the mouse over to it then it should appear only. If am not mouse hovering on it then it should remain invisible. Can anyone tell me how can this be done? Thanks

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    Re: hide custom gadgets in Windows 7

    There is a way to customize the settings in a tool called Rainlendar calendar to show or hide it when you hover mouse on it. You can download Rainlendar by searching it on the internet. On the other hand, Rainlendar also gives you the ability to schedule birthdays in advance on important dates. In addition, notes can be added for each day of the year.

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    Re: hide custom gadgets in Windows 7

    I dont know whether there are any settings inbuilt in any application that can autoappear or hide gadgets by mouse hovering on it. But I know that there are some regsitry keys that you can use to hide or display the gadgets that you have installed in your computer. Just search it on google and you will get tons of result for this registry keys and then download the same.

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    Re: hide custom gadgets in Windows 7

    I was also going to say that you can easily make some hotkeys to any particular gadgets that you want. After that make that hotkeys in every shortcut properties of Windows, and check if that can close the gadget. There might be some coding and if someone knows it better then they could give some examples on them.

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