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Thread: Apps screen gets crowded in Windows 8 after installing program

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    Apps screen gets crowded in Windows 8 after installing program

    This is a bit trouble I am facing while using Windows 8. I had installed a number of stuff. Now each of them are loaded on the Metro UI making it too overcrowded. Also it has history of some my webpages and documents. This is quiet very annoying to use. How can I stop the same.

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    Re: Apps screen gets crowded in Windows 8 after installing program

    When you click on the icon that on the screen there is a small menu that appears below. From that click on on Unpin. You can try on multiple items. I am looking for some way to disable this permanently. I had always loved to use Start Menu in Windows.

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    Re: Apps screen gets crowded in Windows 8 after installing program

    It is right. Compared to MetroUI that we have, Start Menu is more reasonable. It is easy to use and search for programs. Windows 8 Metro UI is quiet complicated. It is almost a month now using Windows 8, but still find it a bit annoying. The App screen just looks filled with many things are really not needed. It sometime takes a quiet long time to find a number of items from them. I am not sure how to deal with. Luckily I had dual boot my system by keeping old Windows 7 in the system. I had stopped working on Windows 8. It is a bit laggy and the app screen is not easy to organize. First all changing the entire interface made Windows completely different. It might have done for easy accessibility, but still I am really not happy in using that. The screen is sometime quiet laggy and stucks when I click on app.

    We are quiet used to Start Menu as it is the only hub where everything is listed in proper manner. Unpin is done manually for each and every stuff. It saves many stuff in the app screen and I do not know how this is happening. Is there a way I can uninstall MetroUI from the system. I would prefer to stick with the regular desktop. There really no time to customize this thing as per our need. I had seen some articles which shows making changes to the registry thing that I am quiet not willing to do.

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    Re: Apps screen gets crowded in Windows 8 after installing program

    Windows 8 is quiet fine, but it takes time to adjust with it. The app screen tries to list each and every application that you install. It is just like another start menu of Windows 8. If there are many application then the list keeps on increasing.

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    Re: Apps screen gets crowded in Windows 8 after installing program

    Microsoft looks tries to make a interface which is more near to touch support. I had seen the same. I am still working to find all the detailed settings of Windows 8 in customization point of view. Windows 8 has a fixed layout. Once it is easy to understand you can find all your apps listed at the single place. There are many threads made on this which are discussed and told about the issue with App screen overloading. This is a kind of big trouble where you are not able to get a proper listing of each item at the list.

    The metro screen is nice. App screen has option that can enable to remove program if you want. There is a start menu also provided when you click on desktop. It looks the current interface treats each thing as a different application. I am waiting for new Windows 8 applications. This might turn your idea about the operating system.

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