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Thread: How to switch sound output by setting hotkeys

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    How to switch sound output by setting hotkeys

    My windows 7 system is always connected to my LCD TV that I purchased recently. i actually use my computers machine as a media center and let me tell you that I had not problem while using it in that way. Now the problem I am facing is with the audio output.

    I am not always connected through media center; sometimes I prefer using the computer without connecting it the LCD TV. When I only use my PC I connect an external speaker using 3.5mm audio out jack and if I am using media center I get the audio through SPDIF out to my 7.1 receiver. Now my requirement is a hotkey which would make the procedure simpler to change the output. Is there anyone who can help me with my requirement? It isn’t necessary to provide me the solution on

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    Re: How to switch sound output by setting hotkeys

    If you provide me with few more information I would surely help you out with your requirement. Even I was once upon a time in need of such hotkey. Are you saying that you are always made to change the playback option of your sound to speakers / headphones or Digital Output Device (SPDIF) whenever you change to media center or vice versa. I was with the same requirement. What my plan was to set a hotkey like if I press a combination of keys like Alt+S then the system should select speakers / headphones and if I press Alt+D then the system should again automatically select Digital Output Device (SPDIF).

    Never managed to do exactly as I need but however an exe file did helped me to achieve success in some way. I downloaded Sound Shortcut.exe. if possible try to get it into your computer and get the necessary help.

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    Re: How to switch sound output by setting hotkeys

    Yes, that’s a good option. Sound Shortcut is an exe file which you just have to download in your machine. Once you get it downloaded what you need to do is simply click on it, that’s it.

    From then onwards you whenever you need to open up your Sound and Audio Properties windows simply hold down the windows button on your keyboard and press the key S. automatically the sound Properties windows will be opened. Now do what you want. You cant do the exact desired thing using shortcuts but however at least with SoundShortcut you can open up the Sound windows in a shortcut way.

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    Re: How to switch sound output by setting hotkeys

    I think you can get it more with soundshortcut. Exe app. I will give you an advice if possible try it in your case (I cant try it as I do not have multiple audio device). After you open up your Sound window using the shortcut and then select the audio device depending upon the shortcuts used by you. once opened just set it to default and done.

    Doing this will this time help you to directly open up the necessary tab in Sound Dialog box without navigating through the tabs.

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