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Thread: How to change OS X Lion Login Screen

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    How to change OS X Lion Login Screen

    Before the OS X Lion there was a possibility to change the default Lion login screen background in Mac Os X Snow leopard. You just have to replace the file at : /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Versions/C/Resources/NSTexturedFullS creenBackgroundColor.png. But now from the OS X 10.7.4, this has been reverted to the original textured pattern. Does anyone know the location of the default background file? Is it really changed or just the method?

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    Re: How to change OS X Lion Login Screen

    If you do not like the classic logon screen of the Lion and you want to change it, here is the step to do it:
    • For OS X Lion, the image file we need is called: NSTexturedFullScreenBackgroundColor.png and it is located at: / System / Library / Frameworks / AppKit.framework / Versions / A / Resources /
    • You must open the image which you want to use for background and converted to PNG format by clicking File> Export. In the dialog box that appears, select PNG from the list of available formats and rename the file so that it is entitled "NSTexturedFullScreenBackgroundColor.png".
    • Copy the original image by opening a search window by pressing Shift-Command-G, and typing the following path: / System / Library / Frameworks / AppKit.framework / Versions / A / Resources /
    • Make a backup of "NSTexturedFullScreenBackgroundColor.png" and put it in a safe place.
    • Finally, click and drag the new image on the search window to replace the original.
    • Once done restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

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    Re: How to change OS X Lion Login Screen

    Go to System Preferences on your OS X Lion, you cannot find a way to change the login screen. For the login screen, you have to understand the first screen you see when you turn on your Mac and that is protected by a password. Once that allows you to access a particular user account, or guest account. Loginox is a free software that lets you change the default image for this screen. Admittedly, it may have something a bit austere. You can choose an image format. JPG or. PNG that is on your hard drive. Regarding the change of logo, visit the dedicated Login Logo tab and import the same way an image in JPG, TIFF, PNG or PSD. If you start getting bored of the default image of Apple, that's what give back a little facelift to your System.

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    Re: How to change OS X Lion Login Screen

    You can change the login screen background by replacing the NSTexturedFullScreenBackgroundColor.png file found in: / System / Library / Frameworks / AppKit.framework / Versions / C / Resources /. In case you want to change it back to the default screen you just repeat the above steps again:
    / System / Library / Frameworks / AppKit.framework / Versions / C / Resources /
    Then just put the backup (made earlier) image "NSTexturedFullScreenBackgroundColor.png" in its place and then reboot the system. This procedure is recommended for users with minimal system knowledge to enable it to know how to manage your computer without run into irreparable mistakes.

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    Re: How to change OS X Lion Login Screen

    All this information was correct in previous Lion releases. They are all wrong since 10.7.4 release. No correction to this issue has been posted anywhere as of yet. None of the softwares that change them work either.

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