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Thread: Bulk change of folder icon in one location in Windows 7

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    Bulk change of folder icon in one location in Windows 7

    I wanted to ask if there is any way to change the logo of multiple folders in a single process. I will try to elaborate my query; I have a folder in my pc which has many other folders of data. The number of folder in the master folder is more than 200. Now the problem is that, every folder has different logo or image. I want it to bring it back to normal. Individually entering each ones properties and changing it back will become irritating and tedious after some time. I can’t afford to assign anyone else this job as I fear that data might be harmed. Is there any way to change the logos in single process?

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    Re: Bulk change of folder icon in one location in Windows 7

    When a logo of a folder is changed to some image from its default condition, a hidden file stores the link of that image of the picture. If the folder is moved from one device to another, the link becomes invalid and is automatically deleted. This restores the default logo back. But if the image is contained in the folder, than the logo will remain changed every time the folder is moved from one device to another. I have a script to edit the batch file which will solve your problem. This script should be placed in master folder along with the folders. Every time you execute it, it will check the hidden file for code that determines the logo. The script deletes this line of code from the folders and restores the original default logo. In my system, it took 20 seconds to change the logo of 100 folders. The speed depends on the size of the folders that you are modifying.
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