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Thread: No icon in quick launch with windows vista

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    No icon in quick launch with windows vista

    I am having an Acer aspire notebook, this is running with windows vista OS. my notebook I basically sue for internet access from both of my official and home network. this was did not create any problem before that, but suddenly from last two days it starts a problem regarding the installed application or the program icons, there is no icon in my quick launch list, though I was stored more than five icon in that list, suddenly they are missing from there. I applied different tricks to resolve this, but nothing works. What should I do? Is there anyone having any suggestion for me to overcome from the problem?

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    Re: No icon in quick launch with windows vista

    As per my onion regarding the problem that you mentioned in your post, I would like to suggest you to go for reload the application or the software those are in quick launch list. For that go to the program folder under the primary drive, where the entire program installed files are stored. Right click on the application file icon and select send option, choose desktop (shortcut). Now from the desktop drag the icons into the quick launch list, they will added over there.

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    Re: No icon in quick launch with windows vista

    i would like to share you one process according to the problem that you mentioned, though I was also having relevant issue, some of the desktop icons was missing from my desktop screen. After that I also searched everywhere for getting then back. But nothing was worked. After that i contact with one of my cousin brother and share the problem with him. He suggest me with a simple process, I applied that and from then till now the problem is not arrives. The process is switch user account profile. For that proceed to control panel from there and open user account option, from there click on create a new user account. Now shut down your machine with the switch user option, now after restart the machine log into the machine with the newly created user profile.

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    Re: No icon in quick launch with windows vista

    Te problem might be occurring for any virus, so if this happening then I would like to recommend you to scan your machine with an up to date antivirus program, I had similar issue, then by one of my friend suggestion where as he was also facing similar issue, I scan the whole machine, and by this the threats are detected and removed them from my machine. For some of the virus or the windows threats can responsible of these type of problems. So I suggest you to go through this, it will surely help you o overcome from the problem.

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    Re: No icon in quick launch with windows vista

    I also would also like to recommend you to change the user profile in your machine, I found in some of the icon missing problems, this technique is helpful. But if still if you are facing this problem that there is a last solution for this. Reboot the system and start pressing DEL from key board after the manufacturer logo will appear into the screen. It will proceed you into the BIOS setting window. From there look for the system repair option, click on it and run the process. I heard that in the latest windows version this “system repair” option is situated in start menu. So you can also access this process from there.

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    Re: No icon in quick launch with windows vista

    Start>Programs>Accessories>Run> sfc /scannow
    Run that command, and see if it fixes file errors.

    The other thing to try is a System Restore to before the problem.
    Start >Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.

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