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Thread: screen brightness to dim and unable to adjust using slider and buttons

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    screen brightness to dim and unable to adjust using slider and buttons

    On yesterday night i noticed a different thing about my MacBookAir that is my screen is became dim. I thought this is happening due to the shutting down the screen but then again i turn it on then my screen is appeared dim as of earlier. I have tried to adjust this setting through slider but nothing is happening any changes. Now i don't know how to make it proper again if anyone know about this then tell me. Thanks in advance.
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    Here i have given you steps go through these to adjust the brightness of your screen.
    1. In the application menu choose the preference option.
    2. Select the system preference option.
    3. Click on the display tab
    4. By using the mouse adjust the brightness of your screen. If you move mouse to the left then screen becomes dim and if you move it to the right then screen becomes bright.

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    You can adjust your screen brightness of your MacBookAir using keyboard control command. MacbookAir having the feature of keyboard generated commands for adjusting your screen display. Using the function key you can make your screen bright or dim. The function1 (F1) key is use to make your screen dim as much you want and function2 (F2) key in use to increase your screen brightness. keep pressing these key to adjust your screen. If you are having any other query then please reply me.

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    Re: Screen saver application for MacBookAir

    I was getting the same problem and now my problem has been solved. Now I just wanted to know that is there is any software available for Mac which will save the brightness of my MacBookAir screen when my machine is idle so that it will help me to save energy of my battery also. If you know any software then please reply me.

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    I have gone through your question and in my recommendation there is a software named Screen Dimmer specially use for MacBookAir. After installing this you don't have to make it as your default screen saver, the script will automatically call it after the 30 seconds of system inactivity which will help you to reduce your screen brightness as well as will save your battery.
    To install the installation package unzip the Package install the screen dimmer and then at the end to execute it without creating the desktop icon in background, execute the dim display application and then wait for the 30 seconds.

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