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Thread: Exclamation Mark in middle of Desktop Icons

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    Exclamation Mark in middle of Desktop Icons

    I Just bought computer which is Compaq Presario I have installed windows 7 operating system on my computer system with specification of 2 GB of RAM and it is having 250 GB of hard disk. Windows 7 is the latest operating system from windows which provide with lots of advance features it has great user interface which make it comfortable and choice to have in system. I have installed games on it as I am very much into gaming so I have loaded lots of games on it, but just two days back when I finished playing games on it I switched OFF the computer but when switched ON it on next day there was some problem with it because of which I was able to see the Exclamation Mark in middle of Desktop Icons. I still didn’t get the solution for it and I don’t have any idea what is the problem with my system because which I am getting such problem happening in my system.

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    Re: Exclamation Mark in middle of Desktop Icons

    Your problem with the computer showing Exclamation Mark in the middle of your system desktop icons can be because of the backups of your machine and files that could not or were not backed up properly on your system because of which you are getting such problem with your computer. To resolve the problem if it is because of the back up problem can be solved by just doing proper backup of your all data and files after which your problem will defiantly solve. So you can try this solution to resolve your problem of exclamation marks on desktop icons.

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    Re: Exclamation Mark in middle of Desktop Icons

    I was facing same problem with my HCL computer which have specification as 4 GB RAM and 250 GB hard disk also i am using video card in it because i play lots of games in it. I have internet connection on my system and i surf and download lots of games from internet. I just find out that the problem was because the improper installation of your operating system, so to resolve such problem you just have to re-install the operating system in your machine after which this problem will resolve. It worked for me to fix my problem hope you will also fix your problem with same solution.

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    Re: Exclamation Mark in middle of Desktop Icons

    I think you need to upgrade your computer operating system for which you have to get the upgrade your operating system patches. Load latest patches for your operating system which might resolve your problem of getting exclamation marks on the desktop icons on your computer screen. This will work to solve your problem for sure so you should go for the latest patch of operating system for your Compaq Presario computer.

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    Re: Exclamation Mark in middle of Desktop Icons

    Your problem of exclamation marks on the desktop icons can be because of the virus problem of your computer So first check for the virus on your system. You have to can scan your computer for virus because of which your system is showing such kind of problem in your machine. Scan your system with the latest version of anti virus to remove the virus from your system and make sure your system is not infected with virus. To make sure this virus problem doesn't appear again just install latest anti virus in your computer and update them time to time to secure your computer from such problem. After all such action i think your machine will be clean and will not show any such problem in your machine.

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    Re: Exclamation Mark in middle of Desktop Icons

    I think there is some problem with your operating system which you can solve with performing repair to your operating system which you can perform with help of the CD for the operating system. You have to insert the operating system cd and select the option provided as repair which you can perform after which your problem of exclamation mark in the middle of icons on the desktop will be resolved. So i suggest you to just try for this solution to solve your problem.

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