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Thread: How to install dock in Linux

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    How to install dock in Linux

    Introduction :
    Cairo-Dock is an application launch bar animated appearance on the desktop. This project originally came from Gnome-dock, which has been abandoned, then taken over by another team to make a truly usable and customizable dock at will.

    To operate, you must implement an interface or the 3D composite. To see if 3d acceleration is enabled, open a terminal and type:
    glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"
    If the value for direct rendering is "yes" acceleration is enabled, if not then you will need to install it.

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    Re: How to install dock in Linux

    The project consists of two parts: the bar itself, and plug-ins that provide such applets (which can be added to the bar). To install them, there are several methods, which are listed below in order of preference

    1. With deposit:
    Edit your sources.list (sudo gedit / etc / apt / sources.list) and add the following line:
    deb http://cairo-dock.vef/ubuntu gutsy cairo-dock
    Then update your repositories and install cairo-dock and cairo-dock-plug-ins (the dependencies will be installed automatically)
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins
    Here it remains for you to configure your Dock. This deposit is in phase deployment and testing, it may happen that presents problems of access.

    2. With the. Deb packages:
    If you're not running Gusty, or that the deposits are in bays, you can download the packages directly on Berlios. First install the packages: libcairo2; librsvg2-2; libglitz1; libglitz-glx1 Then, download the latest version of the packages on the Cairo project page on BerliOS and install them.

    Uninstalling and reinstalling:
    Uninstall Cairo with your package manager or apt-get. The directory. Cairo-dock and everything in it will not be deleted unless you choose a complete removal. The conf file is not overwritten during installation if it already existed, Cairo-Dock being able to complete if fields are missing.

    1st launch:
    To start cairo type in a terminal:
    Otherwise to run automatically at each logon, Go to:
    system => preference => session => add => enter the command: cairo-dock

    At first launch, cairo-dock will propose a list of topics does not detect if directory ~ /. Cairo-dock (so you can have a functional bar immediately, and an overview of the various features / options). If this is your first installation, and remember to check that you do not have a directory ~ /. Cairo-dock.

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    Re: How to install dock in Linux

    If this is your bar up and want to have the bottom right-click on the toolbar, select and configure cairo-dock and change the positioning of the bar:

    Then if you want to test another theme, right click on the toolbar, choose cairo-dock and management topics. When you have honed your theme, if you change one sure to save.

    Styles of Docks :
    1. Default:

    2. 3D Plane :

    3. Carousel :

    Add launchers : ( 3 options available)

    - Add. Desktop exists. Option to add a pitcher. A file selector opens, it points initially on the directory / usr / share / app-install. In the subdirectory "desktop" are located. Desktop installed by Ubuntu. You can choose several pitchers in this directory, or another (CTRL + click to select multiple), then "OK". Cairo-dock import them all at once, and load them automatically.

    - Create one from scratch: Option to add a pitcher like previously. Then choose "New". The switch closes and a window opens and contains a small form to fill out to set your marker.

    - Use drag and drop: From the Applications menu (or Nautilus or whatever), grab a shortcut and drag it into the dock, then release it to where you want to see in the dock. A pitcher will either be added.

    Remove launcher :
    - Click on an icon and choose the third field. A confirmation window appears. Answer "Yes".
    - If the launcher was actually a container and pointed to another dock, one and all its sub-docks are either destroyed or dispersed in the main dock, depending on what you answer to the question asked.

    Changing a starter :
    Click on an icon and choose the 4th field. A window opens, containing all fields from the launcher. Here is a list of useful fields:

    - Its name: The text that appears above the icon in the dock. This field can exist in several languages, but Cairo-Dock will present and use one for your local.

    - His command to run when clicked on an icon.
    - The image file name to use as an icon.
    - His order: a number that ranks launch them.
    - The name of its container: it is the name of the container in which the icon will appear.

    Move an icon within the dock :
    Nothing could be easier, simply click on an icon, hold down the mouse button while dragging the icon. Otherwise the menu, choose Move the icon, which contains a sub-menu. In this submenu, you can either drag the icon one step to the left or one step to the right, or even place it in the first or last.

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