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Thread: Looking for "My Network Places" Location on Windows 7

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    Looking for "My Network Places" Location on Windows 7

    I have recently upgraded my computer from Windows XP to Windows 7. As I have been using My Network Places on my Windows XP computer, I also want to use it on my Windows 7 computer. But the problem is that I am unable to locate the exact place for it. Is there anyone who can help me to get "My Network Places" back on my Windows 7 computer? Is there any way to make the shortcut of it for my convenience?

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    Re: Looking for "My Network Places" Location on Windows 7

    In Windows 7, "My Network Places" has been replaced by "Network". So in order to see it on your desktop as it was in the case of Windows XP, right click on desktop and choose Personalize. Now select "change desktop icons" from the pane. Here you must find an option to select which icons to appear on desktop. Make your choice and you are done.

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    Re: Looking for "My Network Places" Location on Windows 7

    The Windows functionality of creating the shortcut of a folder of My Network Places has been moved to the Computer folder. So go to Start, Computer and right click on the blank area. Select "Add a Network Location". Now double-click on "Choose a Custom Location". Choose your network folder and add it.

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    Re: Looking for "My Network Places" Location on Windows 7

    Go to Start and then Computer. You should be able to see Network on the left, at the bottom. However, if you have turned off the navigation pane via the Organize drop down, then you just need to type "Network" in the address bar. There is another short method to open it, go to Start and type "Network" in the Search box.

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