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Thread: How to change the login wallpaper in Snow Leopard

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    How to change the login wallpaper in Snow Leopard

    I have been using windows till now almost i have used all the versions of windows including windows XP , windows vista and windows 7. Recenlty i have purchased a new Macbook pro which is running with Snowleopard. While i was using windows it was quiet easy to change the login screen using a third party application or even you can change the same manually. Since i have just started to use Mac i am not aware to change the login screen. Please tell me How to change the login screen on my Macboook

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    Re: How to change the login wallpaper in Snow Leopard

    Note that the wallpaper logon under Leopard, is in the form of a file named DefaultDesktop.jpg.

    Here is where this file -> System -> Library -> CoreServices -> DefaultDesktop.jpg.

    After locating the file, simply drag the desired new background after changing the name of your new background, DefaultDesktop.jpg. A small password to confirm everything and it's over. At the next logon, you should see the new background on your windows logon.

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    Re: How to change the login wallpaper in Snow Leopard

    To change the logon screen you simply need to find your background, save to your desktop as background.jpg then in Terminal type:
    sudo mv / System / Library / CoreServices / DefaultDesktop.jpg / System / Library / CoreServices / DefaultDesktop.jpg.old
    • You must enter your password to finish.
    • Then, in the desktop folder, still under the Terminal type:

    sudo cp background.jpg System / System / Library / CoreServices / DefaultDesktop.jpg
    • So, next time you login, your logon screen should be your new background.
    • To go back, in the Terminal, enter:

    sudo cp / System / Library / CoreServices / DefaultDesktop.jpg.old / System / Library / CoreServices / DefaultDesktop.jpg

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    Re: How to change the login wallpaper in Snow Leopard

    There are two software available for changing the login wallpaper in Snow Leopard if you do not want to achieve this manually or you are a newbie.

    1. Desktop 2 Login

      This software will take your current screen and put in bottom logon. It also eliminates the effect of transition between the opening session and the appearance of your office.

    2. Loginox

    • Loginbox is an application that allows you to customize your screen simply opening sesion with drag and drop.
    • Drag and drop a JPG image in the main window Loginbox: a simple click on "set new login image" will change your logon screen.
    • To return to the default Leopard, just click on "Reset to default".

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    Re: How to change the login wallpaper in Snow Leopard

    One of the easiest customizations to be made under Leopard is to change the screen that appears in the window opening sessions. It is a simple JPEG file that nestles in the folder / System / Library / CoreServices. This file is precisely defined as: DefaultDesktop.jpg. Then simply find out the suitable background photo which you like, bring it to the size of the original background image, just rename it, then copy it to replace the original file. A few small precautions are needed to be taken, The image must be a Jpeg of 2560 by 1600 pixels in 72dpi, color mode is RGB 8 bits / channel. Finally, remember to flatten if you created from multiple layers. An authentication window will open with administrator before copying this folder that is normally reserved for the system.

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    Re: How to change the login wallpaper in Snow Leopard

    The utility is to change the background to be displayed during the startup screen of Mac OS X. There are two options, firstly you can return to the classic blue or replace your current image that you want. The first thing to do for this is access to the route:


    Once we reach your image can directly delete "DefaultDesktop" to get a sky blue background without any further or replace a picture for anyone with the same name and extension.

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    Re: How to change the login wallpaper in Snow Leopard

    I think there is anyone in the world who knows all the secrets of Mac OS X, is almost unbelievable but always find something you do not know and that is quite interesting. The trick this time is fairly simple but great for fans of " DeskMod . " This is one of the best application for desktop cutomization i have ever heard or used. i would recommend you to use the same.

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