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Thread: Suggestions for DUAL 21" monitor themes

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    Suggestions for DUAL 21" monitor themes

    I am not confirmed about some themes I need for my computer. I have a 21 inch Samsung monitor for which I am looking for new themes for my monitor. I had tried to each but they does firt my monitor and looks worst. Does any one has good suggestion for some nice 21" monitor themes for my computer? If yes then where I can download it?

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    Re: Suggestions for DUAL 21" monitor themes

    Even I have a similar setup with dual monitors at my home. I recently used a freeware tool which allows you to have a very basic second taskbar or toolbar providing you with a lot of space for each and every active windows on your second monitor. You can search for Oscar's Multi-Monitor taskBar. Another tool in my opinion would be DisplayFusion to handle your dual-screen wallpaper expanding your taskbar across multiple monitors.

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    Re: Suggestions for DUAL 21" monitor themes

    Actual Multiple Monitors is a software utility offering the unique set of productivity tools aimed to enhance the usability of Windows user interface when working with multi-monitor configurations (dual, triple and more). The smart app emulates standard Windows services on secondary monitors and provides new window management services to free you from routine clicking and let you concentrate on your work undisturbed.

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    Re: Suggestions for DUAL 21" monitor themes

    ObjectDock is a program that enables users to organize their shortcuts, programs and running tasks into an attractive and fun animated Dock. By allowing users to have more control over how they organize their desktop, users can take control of their desktop icons and shortcuts to have them be available when where and how they need them. With ObjectDock, you can make your computer more usable, and more fun at the same time!

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    Re: Suggestions for DUAL 21" monitor themes

    Microsoft's takes a decidedly dark turn in this black-tinted theme for Windows XP. A bright orange Start box, sharp gradients, and effective gray-on-gray accents make the theme--based on the company's Zune media player--a welcome change from the default blues and greens. We're not especially enamored of the default desktop wallpaper, which lunges away from the cool factor generated by the rest of the theme in favor of cheesiness, but that's an easy enough user customization. The theme looks especially good when coupled with the Firefox Zune theme created by an independent developer.

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    Re: Suggestions for DUAL 21" monitor themes

    Water Desktop is a nice theme which I use. The program will bring you closer to the nature. The program's visual effect is quite realistic, making it tough to tell that the onscreen picture is not actually being rained upon. Water wave, raindrop falling, fish swimming and so on. Your windows desktop will get a new life. If you do not care for the flowers, you can choose to display your own images. When your mouse pointer glides over the desktop, the surface will ripple as a bird swim along.

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    Re: Suggestions for DUAL 21" monitor themes

    I personally use Animated Wallpapers. I love animations and so kept it as the wallpaper. Watery Desktop 3D will animate your wallpaper with water effects, such as waves and rain. It will also work as a screen saver which floods your screen, you'll see how everything on your desktop will sink into water. Or else download Mission Impossible 2 themes which fits the best.

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