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Thread: Desktop screen size shrunk

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    Desktop screen size shrunk

    I switch on my computer this morning and the desktop and every is all shifted to the left. There is now a black 2 inch border on the right of my screen and 1cm of black at the bottom, I have tried changing the resolution, restarting, system restore, looking at graphic things.

    Is it a hardware problem? I'm running windows vista on a hp laptop. Does anyone have any idea?

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    Re: Desktop screen size shrunk

    First thing that i will advise you to reinstall the graphic driver of your system which might be got corrupted due to some reason and needs to reinstall. Also if possible the install the latest driver for the same. So do this and let me know if it is working or not. If this is not working then might be your monitor is dying. So call up the HP support for help. Also check the link given below for more help

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    Re: Desktop screen size shrunk

    sorry have been away. just got back a week ago and turned on my laptop. it was fine! then the next day i switched it on again. and the problem is back again. i just reinstalled the graphics driver for it but when my computer restarted nothing had changed. is it a problem with my monitor then?

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