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Thread: How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows XP?

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    How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows XP?

    Hi friends,
    I am not very much used to with the computers. I am using the Windows XP as my operating system. I want to lock my icons that are placed on my desktop. But I am unable to lock that icons. I have tried a various methods but no success. I have tried locking them through 'Appearances and Themes', yet they will not lock. How can I get them to stop moving around and stay put by locking. I am expecting some useful help from you. Please tell me how to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows XP?

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    Re: How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows XP?

    When you say "Lock the icon on my desktop items" I'm assuming that you mean to keep them from re-arranging themselves with a reboot? If that is what you mean, then just copy then paste whats below to notepad, then click on "File> save as ..." at the top, save it to the desktop. when you go to save it change the "Save as type" from "Text Documents (*. txt)" to "All Files" and name it anything with a. reg extension. close everything and then click on the file and choose "merge". You also want to make sure to add the part "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00". registry setting that saves the position of items on the desktop when you shut down. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer] 
    "NoSaveSettings" = hex (3): 00,00,00,00

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    Re: How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows XP?

    I think that following the below steps may help you in locking your desktop icons :
    1. Right click anywhere on the desktop (empty area).
    2. Then click on the properties option on it.
    3. Then go to the Customize Desktop and then check the lock desktop option.

    Hope that your desktop icons get locked after it.

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    Re: How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows XP?

    I was facing the similar problem , but I got the solution for that. The solution was simple and does not Involve messing with the registry. The first thing I did was create a folder on my desktop, and I named it "Desktop", naturally, but you can call it anything. Then copy all of your desktop shortcuts into this folder, and arrange them exactly as you would have them be on the desktop. I believe (though I have not tested this) that this arrangement will never be modified by the desktop rearrangement process. Now you have two choices: 1) clear off the desktop (except for Recycle Bin and My Computer, Which will not go away no matter what you do), and just use the open folder as your desktop, and 2) close the folder , and use it as a backup, ie, whenever your desktop gets re-arranged, clear it, and then select all of the items in your folder and copy them to the desktop. This will preserve their original arrangement in the folder.

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    Re: How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows XP?

    If you are using the Windows XP, I would like to suggest you to do follow the method provided as below :
    Right click an empty space on your desktop, highlight desktop icons, place a check on lock icons in place and uncheck auto arrangements. By doing this you can lock the desktop icons. This is not for the Windows Vista or Windows 7.

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    ohmy How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows XP?


    There's a link to download "" about halfway down this page under the subheading "Save desktop icon positions."

    That page also has instructions for using the file once you've got it downloaded

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    Re: How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows XP?

    Actually I am using software for this which named as Icon Restore.By pressing right click on My Computer icon it lets you to save your setup.

    You can also try this, My friend is using this, Hope it works:
    "Firstly arrange all the icons as you want them, and then open up the registry editor.
    Then go to hkey_current_user\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer.
    Then press right-click in the right pane and select New, DWORD Value name NoSaveSettings and after all this press the Enter key.
    Then right-click on the new NoSaveSettings item and select Modify. Enter 1 in the Value data box.
    After changing all this settings whenever you restart computer, your desired settings will return to their current state."

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    Re: How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows XP?

    Hey thanks for sharing the knowledge about the software of the desktop management. As i am looking for something like this only. But can you help us more about this issue as i am not able to find out this software. So please let us know which software you are talking about and where we can found the same.

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