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Thread: Unable to remove icon from desktop in mac

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    Unable to remove icon from desktop in mac

    I am using a Mac notebook and wanted to remove some hard drive icons that are making me frustrated. I like my desktop clean as it was earlier when i bought it. There are most of the icons which are not necessary and useless. I have tried to delete these icons but was unable to remove these icon and i am not really happy to get my Mac desktop with these hard drive icons. Please anybody can help me to solve this problem, i am in a great need of solution to get rid from this problem.
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    Re: Unable to remove icon from desktop in mac

    There is a simple solution for your problem which your are facing right now on your desktop. You need to go to your mac notebook and in that go to the finder preferences after that go in the general and do uncheck all the option to show hard drives on the desktop. By this simple setting you can be able to remove the hard drive icons from the desktop and it eill become clean as it was earlier. I am also using mac notebook and do this setting whenever any icon appears on my desktop.

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    Re: Unable to remove icon from desktop in mac

    I think there is much more easier steps to hide or remove the icons which appear on the desktop of the Mac notebook.

    Just follow the steps:

    • First select your Active TM-Image.
    • After that open the Terminal and execute the following line:
    • sudo chflags hidden "/Volumes/TimeMachinedrive_name"
    • In the above line where the TimeMachinedrive_name is the name of the backup image.
    • Finally restart the Finder.

    And it is done.

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    Re: Unable to remove icon from desktop in mac

    The problem is that when the os ask that if you want to unmount the volume, or all volumes on the same physical disk or the drive then just click on the 'Eject', not to the "eject all" button and after that the volume seems to be disappeared. If it's still there and not moved from the desktop then, it can be re-mounted with the help of "Disk Utility" which come back after a reboot, too, but will be off from the desktop in the meantime.

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    Re: Unable to remove icon from desktop in mac

    Look at the following steps, and you'll be able to hide the driver from the desktop. You can hide the drive from the finder which will also hide it from the desktop. This can be done by using the following terminal command.

    chflags hidden /volumes/"drive name"

    in the place of the drive name put the name of the drive and keep the quotes to unhide it and run

    chflags nohidden /volumes/"drive name"

    And if you want to unhide the drive than you need write the above mentioned command.

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    Re: Unable to remove icon from desktop in mac

    I use this technique to remove the icons from the desktop on my mac notebook, and place it somewhere else with the help of drag and drop method to the new location, (for example I open a finder window and then drag icon from desktop to new folder.) For the removal of the icon from the desktop i use to and delete it by dragging it to the trash. You can also do by right-click and select "Move to Trash". By this method you can remove the unwanted icon from the desktop.

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