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Thread: Mixing color and black & white photo

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    Mixing color and black & white photo

    Good day
    Hello , I have the photofiltre software and I want to know how can we color a specific part of a photo and let the remaining part in black and white, please tell me how can I mix the color and black & white photo , if is not possible with the photofiltre than what other software i would be needed to achieve this Effect , please help me thanks in advance

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    Re: Mixing color and black & white photo

    There are several methods. But any claim to have two images, one above the other. One color and one black and white. (Note that you can also apply the filter black and white.).

    1. You use the wipes on the top image revealing where you want the other below.

    2. You use the magic wand to erase.

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    Re: Mixing color and black & white photo

    You need to enlarged the photo to the MAX. (till you see the pixels).and then you touch the specific parts like for example eye (iris), with the brush tool in selection. by choosing your color (or your colors) and only if you need to change the eues than Selects the eyes with lasso and change color with filter

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    Re: Mixing color and black & white photo

    Hi you can do so in another way that I found much easier way

    With photophiltre:
    You open your image (which is in color)
    You click on Edit then Define Pattern
    Then you click on filter, Color and Grayscale
    You click on the stamp tool to clone
    Do check that pattern and adjusts the radius and opacity as you wish.
    And going on color the image where you want the color to appear (zoom to be more precise)

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