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Thread: Upload photos arras theme

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    Upload photos arras theme

    I'm running Windows Vista as operating system. Can any body tell me that how can i upload photos arras theme? Does any body knows about it? Let me know the know the correct way of doing it. Any help on the above issue would be appreciated.

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    Re: Upload photos arras theme

    It seems wordpress now loads certain javascripts in the footer of the page as of version 2.8, instead of the header where the scripts were previously loaded. The look and layout of the Arras WordPress theme resembles those of a magazine. The dominant colors are mainly black, gray and white and blue.

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    Re: Upload photos arras theme

    Photo Theme is one of the other creative and beautiful themes by RichWP. One of these javascripts is jquery.form.js which is used by the uploader. To print the scripts to the footer wordpress looks for the wp_footer(); code in your theme’s footer.php file. If this code is missing from your theme’s footer.php file, the necessary javascripts will not be appended and the uploader will consequently fail to work.

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    Re: Upload photos arras theme

    If you don’t see the footer portion of your theme when viewing the source code there is a functional error with your theme that needs to be fixed. This theme is very easy to use & install and allows you to present the work to your near ones or prospective clients. The same for your header.php file. Make sure your theme includes the wp_head(); code in the header.php file as scripts used by the plugin are apppended there as well. In order to install it, you do not require hacking the source codes and no PHP/HTML knowledge is required either.

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