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Thread: Secret Themes in Windows 7

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    Secret Themes in Windows 7

    Hello , i have Been Told by freinds that windows 7 have lots of Extra Hidden themes , Can you Tell me how can i Get Access To these Secret Themes , i would Like to Use these Secret Themes in my newly Installed Windows 7 laptop , please help me Thanks in advance

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    Re: Secret Themes in Windows 7

    Five themes are hidden in Windows 7:
    • South Africa (MCT-ZA)
    • Australia (MCT-AU)
    • Canada (MCT-CA)
    • United Kingdom (GB-MCT)
    • United States of America (MCT-US)

    To view these 5 hidden themes, go to C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT

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    Re: Secret Themes in Windows 7

    To activate Secret Themes in Windows 7:

    1) Enable Show hidden files and folders option First :
    1. Check the Show files, folders and hidden drives
    2. Uncheck the Hide protected files OS
    3. Validate by Apply

    2) go to the directory C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT:

    You Will be Able to locate the themes

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    Re: Secret Themes in Windows 7

    Windows 7 hides five themes in it These themes are of geography. To find them, open explorer and try to access the folder that MCT is in C\:Windows \ Globalization\. Click on any of the files, then click the subfolder Theme. To apply the theme, just click on the file with the .Theme extension

    Note: if in Case MCT does not appear in Globalization folder , then simply type: mct in the search bar and press enter

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