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Thread: Change Size of Text in Vista

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    Change Size of Text in Vista

    How to change the Text Size in Vista Windows? It bought installed new equipment with VISTA and the font is too small, perhaps size 10. How I can change the size using VISTA. No, absolutely familiarized with VISTA.

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    Re: Change Size of Text in Vista

    There are some similar threads found on same that the problem that I have is the connection… Only if the solution to its problem is there…. I hope that it finds its solution….

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    Re: Change Size of Text in Vista

    Actually what you asking about the text size on the screen or the size in the application which you working on.... If you are asking for the text size in the application you working on then there will be a font option in it for changing the font for each thing you are writing.... I hope you were asking the same about... I hope you find the solution....!

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    Re: Change Size of Text in Vista

    You can use windows accessibility option to increase the size of the text on the Windows Screen. Click on Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > Accessibility Wizard . Click on it. On the first click on next and select the appropriate size. It offers you 3 sizes. Select any one and then next. You can see the on screen preview effect.

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