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Thread: How to Install Texture Packs to pj64 (Project 64) Emulator

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    How to Install Texture Packs to pj64 (Project 64) Emulator

    Hello everyone
    I remember a topic on the forum where we have talked about changing textures in games like Mario 64 or Zelda Ocarina Of Time.So we could have high resolution graphics or Cell Shading. But unfortunately , I did not manage to try it , So If anyone knows where I could find a tutorial or otherwise I would be grateful if anyone of you tell me that It is possible toto install texture packs to pj64 (Project 64) Emulator , to get Hi - resolution Textures please help me , thanks in advance

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    Re: How to Install Texture Packs to pj64 (Project 64) Emulator

    How to Install Texture Packs to pj64 (Project 64) Emulator

    - To proceed you need the plugin "RiceVideo.dll"
    Put it in the directory "Project64 \ Plugin".

    - Then you need the files "BMGlib.dll" and "MSVCP71.DLL.
    Put it in the directory "Project64".

    - Run Project64 .. Select the video plugin "RiceVideo" .. In options you need to check "Load Hi-res textures if available"

    - Download the High Resolution Textures

    - Unzip into the "Project64\Plugin\hires_texture\The Legend of Zelda" directory (it is important to create the folder "The Legend of Zelda" or the folder with the game for which you are installing the textures)

    Now ,launch Zelda , there will be a loading of lots of texture at the beginnin , after that you will get Hi-res Version of zelda

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    Re: How to Install Texture Packs to pj64 (Project 64) Emulator

    Here's how to setup the whole thing:

    Go to the emulator in the Options tab and then Settings ..., choose the plugin here as Video Mudlord's Rice Video Build 6.1.4.

    Now go to Options and configure the video plugin ..., uncheck Hide Advanced Options.

    Restart your emulator, go to the video plugin configurations. Now go to the Texture tab and check Load Enhancement hi-res textures if available.

    All you have to create a folder named hires_texture in the folder C:\program Files\Project64 1.6\Plugin and place your textures in it, such as a folder called The Legend of Zelda and place the plugins in this folder

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    Re: How to Install Texture Packs to pj64 (Project 64) Emulator

    Download the file (BMGlib.dll) and put it in the root directory of Project 64
    Download the high-resolution textures and put the decompressed file in the folder plugin, for which the path is here [Directory Project 64]/Plugin/ hires_texture/The Legend of Zelda /

    Start Project 64, then go to Options> Settings ... and select Rice's Video Plugin 6.1.1 in Video Plugin, or Rice's Video Plugin 6.1.1 Debug it if not.

    Then go to Options> Configure plugin video ..., and the Texture Filter tab, check Load hi-res textures if available.

    Then you adjust the graphics settings to optimize the gameplay, but beware, it might slow down ...

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